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An extract from 'Beat the Bumf'.

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David is an ambitious, energetic engineer.  He likes to be where the action is'. He enjoys meetings, he is quick at making decisions, he is supportive of his colleagues.  But he has to read reports from Head Office.   He tends to put reading off, but today, he has decided he cannot put this one off any longer.  David picks up the report.  After a casual glance through it, he searches in his file for some background information which he reads.  He gets up, goes to the window and comes back to his desk to make a phone call.

beat the bumf!
He now starts on the report, but it is heavy going.  He thinks how dull and poorly presented the information is and he misses important points. David looks at his watch and gets flustered because time is passing.  He re-reads the last page that he read and continues.
After twenty minutes or so, David stops reading because he has reached a particularly boring passage.  He looks at his emails and quickly responds.  He closes the report and decides to go back to it after lunch.  After lunch, David flicks through the report again and thinks pity that it has not changed in the meantime!  How could David break this self-defeating cycle?


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  "Beat the Bumf" is published by Management Books 2000
ISBN 1-8252-472-3
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"Beat the Bumf!" is also available in German and is available as "Bestens Organisiert" from Knaur ISBN N 3-426-83041-8 or you can purchase "Bestens Organisiert" on-line by clicking the button below.