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Kathryn Redway is an experienced management consultant, executive coach and business author. She is skilled at getting to the heart of the matter and providing new perspectives, tools and techniques to help people think differently and translate their thoughts into action.
A pragmatic perfectionist who is at once intuitive and analytical, Kathryn is gifted at seeing the big picture as well as the detail. An inspiring straight talker, Kathryn uses humour and her considerable experience to tell it how it is and to make things happen.

Kathryn Redway

Kathryn has worked as a management consultant for over 25 years.  
Her approach is humanistic yet commercially focused. Based on her wide experience of many of the basic skills of leadership and management, she tailor-makes development programmes to help organisations gorw

Kathryn's approach is flexible yet focused. After initial consultations with your stakeholders, she will recommend a tailor-made programme, suiting your organisation's specific needs. Such a programme may draw from any of the skills detailed elsewhere and will probably include a cocktail of workshops, seminars and 1:1 coaching sessions.
Goals and measures of success, aiming to balance "quick wins" with sustainable growth are agreed at the outset.

Who says?
Kathryn worked for IBM for ten years before setting up her own consultancy. Recent clients include: Mastercard, the European Commission, Sainsburys, BP, Shell, ATT, Hitachi, Sony, INSEAD, Oxford University, Imperial College London and
University College London. 90% Of Kathryn's work is repeat business



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