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Can you manipulate your imagination? 
Manipulating what you already know, or see, gives you countless opportunities to generate as many ideas as you can.  Creativity can be defined as the ability to generate ideas, or alternatives, to solve  problems.  When we limit ourselves with just one solution, or – worse -  when we convince ourselves that there is no solution, that it can’t be done, we deny ourselves the opportunity to overcome our standard way of thinking or negative thought pattern. 

Look at this puzzle.  Its origin is probably Japanese.  The challenge is to move just three match sticks and the button (which represents the eye of the fish) so that the fish swims in the opposite direction.

What’s in it for you?  By rearranging the toothpicks and coin, we can make the fish change direction.  Have you thought of rearranging your business products?  Or the way you present information to your students or clients?  Or changing the layout of your office, your shop, your house?  What about rearranging your lifestyle?  Or how you keep in touch with your customers?

Rearrangement is only one of many ways in which we can manipulate our imagination.  Read “Make it Happen to discover more ways and also ensure that your novel solution reaches satisfactory implementation.  Or organise a workshop on Creativity or Innovation” with us!


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